Agricultural Input

Organic Carbon Solution

ACTIVE 80 AG (Natural Humic Substances)

  • Organic Input : Soil Amendment
  • National Notice Number : 1-3-248


ACTIVE 80 AG, natural and fresh bio-active humus, as soil conditioner which improves the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil acting an effective organic carbon content in soil. ACTIVE 80 AG is a fertilizer enhancer, and growth promoter to plants and soil microorganisms. Unlike synthetic fertilizers it works to not only benefit to the plant but also improve soil structures due to high contents of reactive active sie. ACTIVE 80 AG is originated from a naturally occurring phytogenic resources that containing rich in polyphenol moity with minimal impurities and it is classed as a non-hazardous material and has extremely low toxicity values. Scientific analysis identified large amount of aromatic and phenolic functional groups among competing products in ACTIVE 80 AG and it’s proved to be a plant originated resources.
Total Acidity
ACTIVE 80 3.2 3.8 7.0 28 55 12.6
USA (Utah) 2.7 2.5 5.2 60 23 8.1
China 1.8 1.7 3.7 55 11 6.7

* Analysis Method

ACTIVE 80 AG is known to be the one of unique plant originated humus available in the market because it had never contact to the seawater during humification process.
Chemistry of Active 80 AG
organic component of soil colloid increase
- C. E. C.
– Store more nutrient
natural chelating agent in soil increase
- Cation nutrients
- Anion nutrients
H2O bridging molecule induce soil aggregation increase
- Oxygen in soil
- Water content
- Activity of microbes
work as natural REDOX agent remove
- heavy metals
- toxic substances
Color Natural Black to Dark Brown
pH 3.5~4.0
Humified Organic Matter > 80%
Color balck and brown
Particle Size(% by weight) Granule
Packaging 25kg, 1 mt
Application Rates
ACTIVE 80 AG can be blended with fertilizer or compost, or applied directly to the soil. Soil tests are recommended for the most accurate application rates. When mixing ACTIVE 80 AG with other products, a small compatibility test is recommended.
Result of application

Plant grow more healthy even in severe drought season with ACTIVE 80



Natural and healthy water contain 20~80% of organic compound – different organic acid such as fullvic acid. ACTIVE 80 AG, contain natural and fresh bio-active organic acid such as fulvic and humic acid made possible to be used as shrimp farm bottom soil conditioner that can the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the water body. It can help lower the effects of prolonged stress and help farmed marine life adapt to new environments while blocking disease and infection when used as bottom soil amendment. ACTIVE 80 AG can improve growth, feed utilization, and resistance to secondary infections. In fact, the active ingredients contain chemicals – phenloic OH, aromatic functional groups and carboxyl functional group that can increase fish and larvae's yield, strength, and resistance to disease. When used as a pond soil conditioner, ACTIVE 80 AG have been shown to detoxify harmful metals and chemicals within a water system, decreasing the risks to their health due to environmental conditions. ACTIVE 80 AG increase the activity rate of bacteria that breakdown waste material, benefiting your hatchery environment with cleaner water and less odor. In studies conducted on rainbow trout, even moderate amounts of humic acid helped protect from fungal infections and parasites while improving the hatching rate. For fish farms and aquaculture facilities looking to maximize yield, improve the health and vitality of marine life, and limit risks from disease and environmental conditions, using ACTIVE 80 AG, as a substrate or bottom soil conditioner would be the ideal solution.
Why Active 80 AG?
Microorganisms play major roles in aqua culture, particularly with respect to productivity, nutrient cycling, fish nutrition itself, water quality and disease control. The role of microorganisms in aqua culture is directly related to the water quality of the pond and nutrient cycling and it is essential to optimize production. Fish farmers use fertilizer as organic carbon sources and hope it is properly develop blooms of desired algae, phytoplankton, and suppressing undesirable species of algae.
If pond soil is not productive in agricultural practice, no aqua productivity can be secured.
Application Rates
ACTIVE 80 can be blended with fertilizer or compost, or applied directly to the aqua pond soil. Soil tests are recommended for the most accurate application rates.